The Baton Rouge Fence Company

1765 O'Neal Ln # 258, Baton Rouge, LA 70816
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Being a
trusted fence company in Baton Rouge, we aim to provide the finest fences to
ensure the safety of all kinds of properties. In these tough times, we
recognize the importance of having trustworthy fences that the clients can rely
on. Therefore, we made it our goal to produce top-notch and quality products.
We have a wide variety of products available; you can call us at 225-425-7804
for more information.

Rouge Fencing Company began from humble beginnings. We started out as a family
business with pure intentions of making sure that property owners are safe and
secured. This fence company was established in 2001, at a time when terrorist
attacks caused fear and panic to most. At that time, property owners were
scrambling to ensure their safety by installing fences. Fence suppliers were
very limited at that time, and we knew that it was something that the public
needs. Behold, the company was born. Through almost 2 decades we were able to
master fence-making which helped us further improve what we can offer. Our
entry into the fencing industry began the tightening competition which is
beneficial for the clients. Aside from having more choices, property owners
also enjoy better competitive prices.

to this day, the competition among fence builders in Baton Rouge remains stiff
which can be certainly challenging and stressful. But instead of rivalry, we
choose to see it as friendly competition that motivates us to continue
improving our company and our products. It is a constant reminder to continue
aiming for greater heights to keep the company in tip top shape. The
competition pushes us to go further and higher than where we originally intend
to, which of course is far better.

our products are guaranteed to be the best, we also see to it that our services
are not far behind. Fence installation requires excellent service to ensure the
complete satisfaction of the clients. As much as we can, we try to make the
installation, as well as our other services, to be as efficient as possible. We
work hard in studying the processes to make sure that we get to have the best
results without having to waste any precious time.

Baton Rouge Fence Company, we don’t just intend to give the best quality
products and services, but we also want to make a lasting impact. In order for
us to do that, we make sure that the company remains to be as sustainable as
possible. We see to it to use materials and machines which are environment-friendly
and with minimal impact in the environment. Being in the business since 2001,
we know that fence companies such as us can greatly damage the environment,
unless properly addressed. As much as we urge other companies to do so, it must
begin with us. We lead by example so that other fence companies may hopefully
follow. After all, we all exist because of the environment and we have to give
it back to mother nature.


Business Name The Baton Rouge Fence Company
Contact First Name The Baton Rouge
Contact Last Name Fence Company
Country United States
Address 1765 O'Neal Ln # 258,
City Baton Rouge
State/Province LA
Zip/Postal Code 70816
Telehone 225-425-7804
Website Visit Link Here
Address 1765 O'Neal Ln # 258, Baton Rouge, LA 70816